Budo Biography


Peter Rosendahl Kyoshi


INT'L REPRE. FE.N.A.M & Go Ju Italia


IMAF Europe PR Director

IMAF E. Denmark Technical Director

MAIF & ITKJ Vice President & Int´l Advisory Board

Vice President World Ju Jutsu Europe

Vice President of EJJU

Int´l Representativ & Technical Dir. European Budo Council

WADO Ju Jutsu / Karate Sweden & World Budo Development Society

Köping Martial Art Sweden Karate Do – Kodokan Judo – MMA/BJJ

Peter Rosendahl Sensei is probably best known as being the “fastest man on one wheel“ and a master Budo instructor. He has devoted his life to riding unicycle and training Martial arts (Budo). Sensei Rosendahl was born in Koping, Sweden in 1967. At the age of two he had his first stage appearance in his fathers magic show and at age five he had become a successful speedway motorcycle rider. Sensei Rosendahl entered his first Judo dojo in 1974 at the age of seven, that same year he also started riding unicycle and got his first horse.
His great skill on the unicycle, motorcycle and horseback attracted the medias attention. At the age of twelve he made the following statements on TV and Radio:

“I will become the Unicycle World Champion”
“I will become a Guinness world record holder”
“I will spend the rest of my life training Budo”
“I will spend the rest of my life in show business”

A boy of twelve made a few bold statements to the world, the man that boy became proves those statement daily! Over the years Show Business and Budo have become Sensei Rosendahl’s life and passion.

The events and successes in Sensei Rosendahl’s life:


Martial Arts/Budo career

Show business has given Peter Rosendahl the unique opportunities to train with many great Budo masters in styles like Judo, Ju Jutsu, Karate Do, Kenjutsu, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Aikido & Iaido. He has trained in over 30 counties, for example Japan, China, North and South Korea, USA, all over Europe, etc., and has attended over 200 training camps and seminars.

Today Sensei Rosendahl is a:

  • Menkyo Joden Ju Jutsu
  • Menkyo Joden Karate Do
  • Menkyo Joden Kodokan Judo
  • Kyoshi Titel
  • Renshi Titel
  • Certified Master Instructor in Ju Jutsu/Karate Do/Tae Kwon Do/Judo
  • Master Instructor in Budo
  • Certified Instructor and examiner in Ju Jutsu, Judo, Karate Do, and Tae Kwon Do
  • Certified International Physical Education Sports Instructor (University of Budapest, Hungary)
  • International representative for the MAIF and ITKJ
  • President for The IMAF Europe Sweden
  • A Proud Student of Grand Master Gianni Rossato, Italy

Current Dan Grades:

  • 6th Dan Ju Jutsu / Jiu Jitsu
  • 6th Dan Karate Do
  • 6th Dan Kodokan Judo
  • 2nd Dan Ken jutsu /Aikido/Iaido

Martial Arts and Budo awards

  • London International Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Award
  • Yoshin Ryu Instructor Award
  • Martial Arts Achievement Award
  • Pioneer of Martial Arts Award
  • Excellence of Martial Arts Award
  • Dedication to Martial Arts Award
  • Master of the Year Award
  • Instructor of the month award
  • Instructor of the camp award
  • Best technique awards
  • Best Budo show awards
  • Many other Budo achievement and certificates from seminar, camps, etc
  • A number of Budo Awards of Honor and Appreciation.

Martial Arts and Budo services

  • International representative for the MAIF and ITKJ
  • Board of directors for Swedish Tae Kwon Do section in the SWE. Budo Federation
  • Director for public relation and marketing for TKD SWE.
  • National Instructor and member of executive development team for TKD SWE.
  • Member of national Tae Kwon Do team SWE.
  • Camp organiser and director of numerous TKD training camps
  • Member of Nevada TKD state team.
  • Special guest instructor in the SWE Wado Ryu Karate Easter and Summer camps
  • Special guest instructor for seminars in Japan
  • Special Guest Instuctor in many Budo Camps around the world
  • Member national Swedish Demo Ju Jutsu team
  • Special guest assistant. Instructor in International Ju Jutsu camp SWE
  • Board of directors for Swedish Ju Jutsu Federation
  • Director for public relations and marketing for Ju Jutsu SWE
  • Member of executive development team for Ju Jutsu SWE
  • Co-ordinator for the 1997 European Ju Jutsu championships
  • Director for the VIP lounge at the 1997 European Ju Jutsu championships
  • Founder of the Las Vegas school of Martial Arts.
  • Founder of the Taekwondo school in Köping, Sweden
  • National & International Competitions
  • Member of the Sport Ju Jutsu team in Las Vegas, USA
  • Special Guest Instructor at the 2006 - 2007 European Budo Games
  • Head Referee Sport Ju Jutsu Kumite at the European Budo Games 2006
  • Head Referee Sport Ju Jutsu Kumite at the European Budo Games 2007
  • 2006 President of the European Budo Counsil
  • 2007 Ambassador for the European Budo Counsil
  • 2008 President of the European Budo Counsil
  • Host of the European Budo Games in Germany 2008
  • 2009 Guest Trainer in Many International Budo Camps
  • 2009 Creator of European Budo Network
  • 2009 President of the IMAF Sweden
  • 2009 Int´l Representativ for FE.N.A.M & Goju Italia Sweden
  • 2010 Vice President Int´l Traditional Kodokan Judo Europe
  • 2010 Vice President MAIF Europe
  • 2010 Vice President World Ju Jutsu Europe
  • 2010 European Budo Council Technical Director
  • 2010 Vice President of EJJU
  • 2010 IMAF Europe Marketing Director
  • 2010 Vice Director Wado Jutsu Sweden
  • 2011 Team Coach & Manager for the IMAF Swedish National Team
  • 2005 - 2011 Guest Instructor in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Denmark, Belgium, Scotland, England, Portugal and Italy.

Member of the following organizations and federations

  • Martial Art International Federation, MAIF
  • International Traditional Kodokan Judo, ITKJ
  • Kodokan Judo Instituted Tokyo, Japan
  • IMAF Branch Germany
  • IMAF Europe
  • Swedish Martial Arts Federation
  • Swedish Judo Federation
  • International Ju Jitsu Federation, IJJF
  • Deutscher Ju Jutsu verband, DJJV
  • Deutscher Jiu Jitsu Ring, DJJR
  • U.S Ju-Jitsu Federation, USJJF
  • U.S. Martial Arts Federation, USMAF
  • USA Traditional Kodokan Judo, USA-TKJ
  • American Moo Duk Kwan – Tang Soo Do Asso.
  • International & Swedish Wado Ryu Karate
  • World Tae Kwon Do Federation, W.T.F
  • DAKO Germany
  • IMAF Kokusai Budoin
  • European Budo Counsil
  • European Budo Network
  • FE.N.A.M
  • WBDS World Budo Development Society

Rosendahl Sensei has lived in Sweden for the last two years with his family and is the One of the Head Instructors of a Budo Dojo in Köping, Sweden. He is also often a guest Instructor for many schools whenever he is needed. He has been an honoured invited guest trainer in Budo in Japan several times.
The specific elements he studies most are: The Budo philosophy, The Strategy and Balance in Budo. Rosendahl Sensei has studied many books and biographies, his favourite being “A book of five rings”, the classic guide to strategy by Miyamoto Musashi, and also a good book is “The Book of 3 Budo Masters”, Kano, Funakoshi and Ueshiba, about their lives, styles, training and mental training and philosophy, this book gives a inside of this 3 legends.

Rosendahl Sensei best friend and Budo training partner, Henrik Hansson Sensei, have been studying the art of Budo and have been training together for over 30 years. Henrik Hansson Sensei is, 6th Dan Karate Do, 6th Dan Ju Jutsu and 1st Dan Kodokan Judo, and They have been giving seminars and training camps in Japan & Europe like Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, England, Hungary etc, as well as in the USA and Japan. Their training is based on Wado Karate Do, Wado Ju Jutsu, Kodokan Judo and Ju Jutsu in general.

Rosendahl Sensei special interests lies in the study of Seichusen & Ianshi: Sori, Nori, Nagashi, Kawashi, Hane, Sabaki, Hajiki and Irimi Kihon, Tachi, Taisabaki, Kosushi & Shisentai, Sen no sen, Go no sen, Sen Sen No Sen, Shikai, Shikaku, Do Tai, Maai, Ten-i, Ten-tai, Ten-gi and Shin gi tai and the training of Katas. He believes the most important elements of Budo training are: balance and timing. Therefore he concentrates on, and also spends time intensely studying the timing and strategy in Budo, and today his practise is more to the Koryo way. His weapon of choice is the Katana.

The Ni Ten Ichi Ryu codes of honor that Peter believes in:

  • Do not think dishonestly
  • The way is in training
  • Become acquainted with every art
  • Know the way of all professions
  • Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters
  • Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything
  • Perceive those things that cannot be seen
  • Pay attention even to trifles
  • Do nothing which is of no use

Professional Working History (special awards and titles)

  • World Champion Freestyle unicyclist
  • World record Champion Unicyclist
  • Entertainer of the year
  • Artist of the year
  • The Golden Lion Award
  • Lots of award winning performances
  • Worked in over 40 countries
  • Best act in the International Circus Festival
  • Has broken over 40 Guinness world records
  • Most World Records Award
  • Best Show Act Award
  • The Fastest Man On One Wheel
  • Overall Unicycle World Champion Award
  • European Unicycle Champion
  • National USA Champion
  • 2 times winner of Best Act Award
  • International Circus Festival
  • Winner of the ZDF’s TV-Artist prize
  • Winner of the 1. Program of “Stardom Destination

And many other award winning performances

Over 30 years of showbiz experience worldwide

  • Over 250 television shows
  • Motion pictures as actor and stuntman as well as stunt fight coordinator
  • Many Hotels/Casinos in Las Vegas and around the world
  • Exclusive gala shows
  • World class sport shows
  • Theatres and Varieties
  • Discos and Night Club shows
  • Special production shows
  • Martial arts stunt shows
  • The original “Hell Drivers Stunt Show”
  • The “High Chaparral Western Stunt Show”
  • Modelling and fashion shows
  • Shows on International Cruse Ships, Fairs and famous Amusement Parks
  • Commercials

Some countries where Rosendahl Sensei has performed and displayed his martial art skills

USA - Sweden – Norway – Finland – Denmark – Canada – Netherlands – Spain – Italy – Germany – France – Singapore – Hungary – Puerto Rico – North Korea – South Korea – Japan – Australia – New Zealand – Poland – Switzerland – Slovenia – Austria – India – South Africa – Philippines – China – Israel – Chile – Brazil – Russia – Turkey - Rumania – Serbia – Scotland - England.

Sensei Rosendahl have trained for Masters like: Menkyo Kaiden Toby Threadgill (shinto yoshin ryu ju jutsu) and Prof.Shizuya Sato 10 dan Ju jutsu & Kodokan Judo, Keiji Tose 10 dan Iaido, Shihan Ikuo Higuchi 9 dan Karate Do, Sensei Jioka 8 dan Wado Karate , Sensei T. Kono 8 dan Wado Karate, Shihan P.Belrhiti 7 dan Wado Karate Do, Sensei Yamaguchi 8 dan Iaido, Yung Ho Jun 9dan TKD, Dong Sup Kim 9 dan TKD, Errrol Field 6 dan Judo, Bob Nash 7 dan Wado och Jun Osano Hanshi 8 dan Nihon ju jutsu & kobudo m.m.

Peters Sensei today is Gianni Rossato Hanshi 10 dan Ju Jutsu & Karate Do Goju Italia.

After 28 years living around the world,Sensei Rosendahl has moved home to Sweden again.

He have also taking over the Family Advertising Company, and he also today helping Sensei Henrik Hansson to run the Köping Martial Arts Club - Karate Do- Kodokan Judo - Sport Ju Jutsu and MMA

Sensei Rosendahl have since in the beginning of the 1990 worked together and worked as an adviser to Sensei Hansson, in the study in the old and new technique in Wado Jutsu and recreated a new system.

Contact details: Peter Rosendahl
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.peterrosendahl.com

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