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Cargo Shipping Info and Stage Conditions for Peter Rosendahl.

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Cargo shipping information (When it is out-side Europe):

For The Complete Show act:
2. Shipping Boxes, (Cycle Box and Show -stairs Box, approx 250kg.)

For Special Shows Without the Show -stairs (Then I will just use the stairs in your show-room).
1. Shipping Box, (Cycle-Box, approx 110kg.)

(I have a very good Cargo Shipping company in Frankfurt, Detraco GmbH who ships
my props allover the world for years now.)

When the Contract is within the E.U , I go with my Tour Bus.

Stage Conditions for complete show:
Height: 3m. / 10 feets
Deep: 4m. / 13 feets
Wide: 8m. / 26 feets

Minimum Stage conditions for complete show:
Height: 2.5m. / 8 feets
Deep: 2m. / 6.6 feets
Wide: 8m. / 26 feets

Special Stage conditions:
After request & possibility, just send your stage conditions and we will make a show what fits to your Stage.

Show Music:
Runs by CD.

The Original Complete Show Act length is approximatley 7 min. (but can be up to 10 min.),
longer shows can be arranged upon aggrements.

For TV shows:
Any length or style of show can be arranged.

Style of Show and Costume:
Just send your request and wishes.

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