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Peter Rosendahl has earned the title "The Fastest Man on one Wheel". He is a world champion in being a world champion. (Vegas Visitors Magazine, USA).

Peter Rosendahl the wild unicyclist earned already 30 Guinness book records, but he wants more. He is incredible fast, rides for a fall and shows tricks in his racy high power show you cannot see elsewhere. Pulling of his top-class tricks his audience is hanging at the edge of their seats. (ORGAN Show-Business, Deutschland).

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Big top international unicycle star Peter Rosendahl from Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, wins his title "The Fastest Feet In The World". (Entertainment Today, USA).

Peter Rosendahl has done it again! The fastest unicyclist in the world is breaking world-record after world-record! (What's On, Las Vegas, USA).

World-Record-Champion-Unicyclist Peter Rosendahl performs his high-power show on stages in Casinos here in Las Vegas. Peter Rosendahl is the best unicycle act we have ever seen in Las Vegas. (Entertainment Today, USA).

Peter Rosendahl is the undisputed unicycle king of the world. (Fox 5 Prime Time TV, USA).

Peter Rosendahl got standing ovation for his high-energy show. He unquestionably represents the state-of-the-art in his class. (Circus Report, USA).

Unicycle sensation Peter Rosendahl from the stages in Las Vegas is keeping his audience breathless during his world-class power show. He is most likely the finest performer ever on a unicycle.

(Fun & Gaming Magazine, Las Vegas, USA).

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On stage unicycle world-champion Peter Rosendahl shows his audience why he earned the title "The Fastest Man On One Wheel". (What's On, Las Vegas, USA).

Over 37 countries can read about him and 90 million people have his name in their home: We are talking about the Guinness Book of World Records Star Peter Rosendahl. (Guinness Book of World Records Museum, Las Vegas, USA).

Peter Rosendahl's performance on the stage with his unicycle act puts him on the same culture level as a ballet dancer or opera singer. His creativity and enthusiasm combined with his power show will take place in the rich American. circus history. (The Circus World Museum & The Circus Producers Association, USA).

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