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Over 40 Guinness-world records in 30 years

among the rest, in the following unicycle disciplines:

- 75 km backwards on a unicycle in 9 hours
- The smallest unicycle in the world: ø 13 mm
- The smallest unicycle in the world, without a chain: ø 30 mm
- 100 m sprint on a unicycle in 11 sec
- The most skip-rope jumps on a unicycle: 219 consecutive times in 1 min
- The most ascending stair jumps: 525 in 9 min
- The fastest stair jumps: 56 in 30 sec. and many more to come!

All world records were emitted live and worldwide on television.

Over 250 television shows worldwide, among the rest, with: CNN, BBC, NBC, ZDF, ARD, RTL, FOX 5, Prime Time TV, PAX TV, MDR, SAT 1, Super RTL etc.

Over 40 years of showbiz experience worldwide

- over 250 television shows
- 7 movies as actor and stuntman
- exclusive gala shows
- world class sport shows
- varietes and theatres
- discos and nightclub shows
- martial arts and stunt shows
- The "Original Hell Drivers Stunt Show"
- The "High Chaparral Western Stunt Show"
- modeling and fashion shows
- many appearances on international fairs, cruise ships and at famous hotels, casinos, leisure parks and experience parks
- numerous commercials

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