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So much energy in a single body. So much energy under such perfect control. Breakneck speed. Breathtaking performance. Taking the audience by storm. Stunned silence. See it to believe it - and then be lost for words. A tornado. A volcanic eruption. Controlled explosion. Carefully controlled power. Body control? Body subjugation! The Big Bang on stage. Absolutely unique. And totally overwhelming.

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The crème de la crème of unicyclists is Peter Rosendahl. On bikes big and small. With one wheel or more. Straight ones and bent ones. On stage. And on stairs. With and without juggling - but always with speed, speed, speed. And zest. Peter Rosendahl does not "do shows" - the unicycle is his life. You feel that every minute. You are sucked along. Sitting on the edge of your seat. Amazed. Perspiring. Laughing. And lost for words.

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No peace. Not a moment of mercy for the audience. Action every second. Millisecond for millisecond. Constant change. Constant charge Systematic creativity is the name of the game. The unicycle becomes an integral part of the artist. And the artist is the creator of infinite new unicycle variations. Records? Limits? They are only there to be shattered. The word "impossible" has ceases to exist. And replaced by Peter Rosendahl.

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The fascination of the unicycle in a breathtaking show. Delivered by a spellbinding artist with a captivating presence. The show is like a tsunami. Colossal. Overwhelming. Seeing Peter Rosendahl sets news standards. Higher. Peter Rosendahl. Artist. Fanatic. Prossessed? Obsessed. First class? World class!

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